Monday, May 14, 2012

Miscellany Monday

It's time to start the week.  I'm linking up with lowercase letters for this Monday's link up.

Random thoughts...

I can't buy nuts or any kind or peanut butter.  I got into the almonds twice today and had three spoonfuls of peanut butter.  I have no control over myself.

My desktop computer made a scary loud noise the other night.  It sounded like a small jet about to take off down the runway.  I finished my work and quickly shut it down and haven't turned it on, or tried to turn it on, ever since.  I'm terrified it is going to die and I'll lose my iTunes library.

After cutting the grass this weekend, I snipped some gardenias off the bush (is it a bush? shrub? tree?).  They are in a bowl of water and the family room smells like prom.

After today, only 2 more working Mondays!  It's deceiving since one of those weeks begins with Memorial Day but still, only two more Mondays!!

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  1. Wanna hear something freaky? When my desktop actually got a virus & died, some weird sounding man came on my computer speakers and started talking dirty. Scared me to death!!!! I never did turn it back on again.

    1. OMGoodness! Well, if you never see another word from me, it's because I died of a heart attack after turning the computer on again. SCARY!!!

  2. My other half and my son cannot stay out of the peanut butter either! They will have three or four heaping spoonfuls of it and try to keep going, haha!
    Oh gosh, good luck with your computer :( Eek!
    Stopping by from Miscellany Monday :D


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