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Just how do you curl your hair with a straightener?

Curls can make a lady attractive and gorgeous. They’re perfect for a night out, either to a hot date or a formal do. With hair straighteners, you won’t need to have a perm if you don’t plan to put on curls all the time. All it takes is a little bit of work with a hair straightener – you can have curls whenever you need to, and afterwards have straight hair again in the morning. Simply follow these steps and you’ll have curls that look like they’ve been styled at a salon.

1. Clean your hair with regular shampoo


Make sure to condition it properly. Remove the excess water with a towel and then blow dry your hair completely before curling it. The reason why your hair needs to be completely dry prior to curling is that damp hair can’t hold curls. In addition, it is easier to burn wet hair.

2.  Set your hair straightener to the temperature you want

Get your hair straightener to the preferred temperature level before you do anything else. The ideal temperature for curling hair is 400F, but for coarser hair it should be no more than 200F. In addition, the best hair straightener for curling hair is the narrow type with rounded sides on the plates. This type of hair iron create natural-looking curls.

3.  Apply a generous amount of hair oil

While you’re await for the hair straightener to reach your preferred temperature, apply a generous amount of hair oil or serum to your hair. This will protect your hair from being damaged by heat. In addition, comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb in order to remove any tangles.

4. Divide your hair into sections

Divide your hair into sections to create even more definition for your curls. The size of the areas depends on just how huge you want your curls to be. If you desire smaller curls, then you must make smaller sized sections of your hair. If you desire bigger curls, then you should part your hair into larger sections.

5. Clamp a section of your hair with the straightener

Clamp a section of your hair with the straightener about 2 or 3 inches from your scalp. Make sure that it is not hold it too close to the skin, otherwise you might burn yourself. Hold the straightener vertically to create the curls. As soon as you have your hair straightener in position, twist it in the direction you desire your curls to take until the whole hair is wrapped around the iron.

6. Pass hair through the plates of the hair straightener

Carefully pull the hair straightener away so the whole length of hair goes through the plates of the hair straightener. Do not get in a rush to pull your hair through the plates otherwise your hair will not curl appropriately. Nonetheless, don’t go too slow either due to the fact that the straightener will burn your hair.

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 on the remaining sections of your hair.

8. Round off with hairspray

Round off your curly appearance by using hairspray. The hairspray will help you make your curls last throughout the day. Keep it light, though. Excessive hairspray will likely weigh on your curls and that will make the curls look limp.

These steps should answer the question “How do you curl your hair with a straightener?” So, just because you were not born with a curly hair doesn’t mean that you can not have one. Use your hair straightener wisely and you too can have curly hair whenever you desire.

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